The EZstringer came about when my beloved cargo pants fell victim to a clever culprit, the errant drawstring. I spent 45 frustrating minutes trying unsuccessfully to restring them with a coat hanger and safety pins. Not wanting to buy a new pair of cargos, I decided to invent a product to help solve this common clothing crime.


Now available online and nationwide, The EZstringer was featured on Discovery Channel’s hit series, Pitchmen, Season 2. Especially in this tight economy, people don’t want to replace a perfectly good item of clothing just because of a missing string. Sweat pants, athletic shorts, and hoodies are all wardrobe staples. With the EZstringer, it’s a simple guide and slide. You just attach the drawstring to the EZstringer, and feed it down the hole. Plus, there’s a visual “wow” factor because multiple items can be relaced in a short period of time.



For retailers: orders@ezstringer.com


Product inquiries or general info: info@ezstringer.com